Issue 36
Issue 35
Issue 34
Issue 33
Issue 32
Issue 31
Issue 30
Issue 29
Issue 28
Issue 27


Meghan O’Rourke, Two Poems

Aaron Reeder, Erraticism 

Rasool Yoonan, Four Poems 

Lisa Olstein, Two Poems 

Dell Lemmon, The Today Show

Anne Barngrover, Two Poems   

Liao Hui, Peace to the Soul

Peter LaBerge, Salt Lake City, 2011 

Aimée Baker, Blood Relics  

Shira Erlichman, Three Poems 

Emily Skillings, I Love Wiping My Dirty Hands on Other People’s Things 

Mary Jean Murphy, Step One: Admission 

Hasan Sijzi, Two Poems 

Cady Vishniac, Days of Awe 

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, Two Poems 

Sara June Woods, Dear Hairless Madeline, 

Lisa Russ Spaar, Two Poems 

Chus Pato, Three Poems from Flesh of Leviathan 

Amy Lawless, Enter Skeleton 

Kim Garcia, Drone: Predator 

Vladimir Lucien, Two Poems 

Karen Skolfield, The Frame of a Couch Is Not a Couch 

Alison Angell, Chronic 

Adeeba Talukder, If It Were 

Nancy Mitchell, The Problem with Ah in Father 

Tommy Pico, Three Poems from Nature Poem 

Lindsay Turner, Two Poems from A Fortnight 

Arielle Greenberg, Two Poems 


Catherine Lacey, No One Knows What

Lucas Loredo, We the Grandchildren 

Shane Jones, Tough 

Laura Maylene Walter, Euthanasia Coaster 

Pablo Piñero Stillmann, Our Brains and the Brains of Miniature Sharks 

Marie-Helene Bertino, Two Stories 

Lucas Church, Selections from The Infinite Casualty Lists

Amy Hempel, The Chicane 

Vivien Drabkin, A Need to Explain

Anton DiSclafani, Tupelo  

Darry Dinnell, Motherboard 

Michael McGrath, Christa 

Katie Jean Shinkle, From Ruination 

Joe Meno, Expats 

Rebecca Schiff, The Lucky Lady


Minna Proctor, Folie à Deux 

Brian Morton, Elegy for Jane


Andy Sanchez, An Interview with Rick Moody 

Francisco Márquez, An Interview with Mary Ruefle

Andy Sanchez, An Interview with Sarah Ruhl

Andy Sanchez, An Interview with Maggie Nelson


Cover art by Igor Gnedo

Issue 36
Issue 36


Laura Marris, Jeopardy!

Rob MacDonald, In Situ

Vanesa Pérez Sauquillo, The Balance, translated by Carina del Valle Schorske

Shevaun Brannigan, What if I Don't Even Like You?

Michelle Chan Brown, Real Estate

Ariel Francisco, Two Poems 

Mariama Lockington, Two Poems 

C. Dylan Bassett, Genesis

Julia Mounsey, Three Poems

Holly Mitchell, Two Poems

Mel Burkeet, Two Poems

William Kelley Woolfitt, Manzanar Haibun (i) 

Natalie Eilbert, Liquid Waste: Two Poems 

Lauro Vazquez, Interventions

Emily O'Neill, Two Poems

Sophie Klahr, Summer Job, June

Sappho, Fragment 31, translated by Sean Lyon, 

Morgan Parker, Two Poems 

Robert Schultz, Two Poems

Christine Chia, Two Poems 

Jo Going, Legacy

Sam Sax, Two Poems 

Victoria Lynne McCoy, Two Poems

Ron Padgett, Three Girls

Michael Derrick Hudson, Climax the Clown Goes to See His Therapist

Nina Puro, High Intensity Interval Training 

Caroline Crew, Two Poems


Blair Hurley, The Stories You Tell

Jason Manganaro, Yacker and Jennabel

Melissa R. Sipin, The First Breath

Amy Kurzweil, Quantum Theory and the Entanglement of Oolong

Anne Valente, If You Let Me

Jacob Appel, The Prophet of Heathridge Hills 

Gloria Huang, The Cage

Justin Bendell, Fire Complex

Neil Serven, Wonderland 


Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Nick Flynn 

Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Jericho Brown 

Michael Sarinsky, An Interview with Jenny Offill 

Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Henri Cole 


published September 2015

Issue 35
Issue 35


Juan Felipe Herrera, song out here

Elizabeth Lindsey, The Emergency 

Rogers Lisa Low, Two Poems

David Lehman, Two Poems

Judy Halebsky, Two Poems

Jane Hirshfield, Two Poems

Troy Jollimore, On Blindness

Roberto Montes, Two Poems

Jenni B. Baker, Two Poems

Jamie Samdahl, Fourth floor walk-up

Melanie Almeder, Two Poems

Antonina Palisano, On Horror

Thomas Centolella, Two Poems

Jennifer Tamayo, The Pain of You; The Pain of Me, The Ecstasy of You; The Ecstasy of Me

Wayne Koestenbaum, Trance Notebook #12

Sally Wen Mao, Two Poems

Noah Falck, Poem Excluding Shopping Carts

Eugenia Leigh, Family Medical History

Annemette Kure Andersen, Three Poems translated by Thom Satterlee

Doug Paul Case, Leave

Kay Cosgrove & Lauren Hilger, The Emergency

Bianca Stone, Two Poems

Paula Mendoza, Three Poems

Graham Foust, Two Poems


Craig Bernardini, Sehnsucht

Meagan Cass, A Parent’s Guide to UltraSport Children

Nicholas Maistros, My Father’s Auburn

Chika Unigwe, from Things Remembered

Adam Schuitema, Light Years

Charles McLeod, Level Seven

Alex McElroy, In Memory of the Whitfield High School 109 Writing Center

Suzanne Morrison, What Was Lost

Ursula Villarreal- Moura, All the Dogs

Matthew Fogarty, Rituals of Prehistoric Cultures


Enuma Okoro, A Bunch of Peanuts


Michael Sarinsky & Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Elizabeth McCracken

Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Louise Glück

Cover art by Raisa Nosova

Issue 34
Issue 34


Carson Eva Donnelly, Two Poems

Catherine Wagner, July

Jung Jiyong, translated by Jack Jung, 유리창/정지용 / Glass Window

Yi Sang, translated by Jack Jung, 꽃나무/이상 / Flower Tree

Joe DeLuca, Timeshare

Kimiko Hahn, Two Poems

Staci R. Schoenfeld, The Patient Attempts to Explain PTSD with Time Travel Theory

Anselm Berrigan, Three Poems

Sapphire, Three Poems 

Mark Wagenaar, Interview with the Last Blacksmith in the County

G. C. Waldrep, from TESTAMENT 

Nabila Lovelace, Renisha 

Diane Wakoski, Mercurial 

Talin Tahajian, Agronomy 

W. M. Lobko, Elegy Because I Want to Believe 

Nezahualcyotl, translated by Forrest Gander, Untitled Song 

Sandra Santana, translated by Forrest Gander, Three Poems 

Kwame Dawes, Two Poems

Ann Ward, Two Poems 

Michael Metivier, Snow 

Terrell Jamal Terry, Astray Coach 

Leslie Marie Aguilar, The Hitching Post 

M. Montas, Untitled 

David McGimpsey, Three Poems 

Thurston Moore, Now Ain’t Never Happening 

Noah Eli Gordon, THIS 


Katrin Tschirgi, The Fisherman

Kate Nacy, God Is Everywhere, Even the Pool 

Suzanne Gardinier, Messenger 

Ian Denning, Ramadan 

Kate Velguth, Witness 

Emma Ignaszewski, Border Town Love Affair 

Jill Birdsall, Free Parking 

Wil Weitzel, The Gardens of Dar es Salaam 

Vincent Guerra, Chronics 

Michael Don, Back the Way We Came 

Writers Block

James D. Fuson, FROGS IN A DITCH 

David Armstrong Jones, What Could Have Been 

Jamie Laufenberg, Competent to Stand Trial 

Yusef Qualls-El, Selfie 

K. D. A. Daniel-Bey, Trayvon Martin 

Maurice Montrell Sanders, The Story of Us 

Edward Callens Haikuet & James D. Fuson, no. 4 

Poems from San Pedro Sula

Vanessa Salgado, Apocalypse 

Juan Carlos Zuniga, Prayer for Cookie 


Dana Isokawa & Allyson Paty, An Interview with Matthew Zapruder 

Kate Brody, An Interview with E. L. Doctorow 

Cover art by Christine Sajecki: We Travel Light 1 & 2, Medium: encaustic and photocopy transfer on oak panel. Original Photograph: Imke Lass

Issue 33
Issue 33


Andrea Cohen, Two Poems 

Dana Ward, from The American Greeting Card Company

Simone White, Preliminary Notes on Street Attacks

John Fry, Two Poems

Martha Collins, Instance

Shane McCrae, Forgiveness in America

Ed Pavlić, Summertime or Somewhere Just (South of) Above My Head

Giedrė Kazlauskaite, Two Poems translated by Ada Valaitis       

Marius Burokas, from I learned how to not be translated by Medeinė Tribinevičius

MRB Chelko, from G i r l

Leopoldo María Panero, La Alucinación De Una Mano . . . / Hallucination of a Hand . . . translated by Arturo Mantecón

Willie Lin, Teleology

Ama Codjoe, The Radiator or Your Soft Fist at My Door

Ocean Vuong, Walking Alone

Mike Spry, Bourbon & Eventide

Carl Phillips, Two Poems

Maureen Thorson, A Change Will Do You Good

Brandi Nicole Martin, After Humping Comes Hurting

Aaron Apps, Dear Herculine “Replicating Bodies”

Chase Berggrun, Mute Ashes: Threnody for Adam

Ilzė Butkute, Lapkričių prieglauda / A Shelter for Novembers translated by Jonas Zdanys


Joe Meno, Animal Hospital 

Siamak Vossoughi, Bee on a String

Matthew Baker, The Instructions

Bryan Shawn Wang, The Outfielders

Paul Crenshaw, Choose Your Own

Jamie McPartland, The Hysterectomy Travels

Courtney Craggett, Día de Gracias


Dana Isokawa, An Interview with Yusef Komunyakaa

Cover Art by Catherine Lepp: “hands, mouth, and tongue”, Medium: Tempera and chalk on Coloraid paper, 22" x 26", 2013

Issue 32
Issue 32


Major Jackson, Two Poems

Meena Alexander, Atmospheric Embroidery 

Farrah Field, Three Poems 

Alexis Pope, A Brief Sunset When the Sky is Large 

Amy Catanzano, “SCIENCE with a capital SCYTHE” 

Corina Copp, TYPE A GALL 

Konstantinos Sampanis, Two Poems translated by Peter Constantine 

Tarfia Faizullah, Three Poems 

Joyelle McSweeney, FIDELITY 

Jason Labbe, Two Poems 

Jill Osier, A s i a 

Ana Martins Marques, O inquilo / The Tenant translated by Julia Sanches

Rebecca Morgan Frank, Jesus & Tomatoes 

Heather Christle, Two Poems 

Anne Carson, 108 (flotage) 


Craig Bernardini, Burning Child 

Jen Fawkes, By the Numbers 

Tanner Hadfield, The Pool House 

N. Michelle AuBuchon, Party Girls 

Wendy Oleson, Bodies of Water 

Saeed A. Naqvi Syed, The Puppet Master 

Philip Jason, Strong Forces 

Sa’adat Hasan Manto, Babu Gopinath translated by Muhammad Umar Memon 

Uday Prakash, The “Mangosil” Virus and an Ant translated by Jason Grunebaum 

Antonio Tabucchi, Two Stories translated by Tim Parks 

Damien Miles-Paulson, Stories from a Broken Pact 


Kyle Fewell, Various Illustrations


Jen Levitt, Maya C. Popa, and Dana Isokawa, An Interview with Catherine Barnett 

Issue 31
Issue 31


Lenea Grace, Calgary, 1981 

Taylor Collier, The Abbreviated Mirror 

Eileen Myles, from Vilnius Declamatory 

Christopher Kondrich, Portion 

Mary Ruefle, Three Poems

CAConrad, Four Poems 

Joe Zendarski, [I come to] 

Cate Marvin, The Hamptons 

Ana Božičević, Two Poems 

Barbara Claire Freeman, Downtown 

Ghassan Zaqtan, Two Poems translated by Fady Joudah 

Melissa Broder, Two Poems 

Dorothea Lasky, The Bear 

Brent House, Pastoral 

Alice Bolin, Shirt 

Steve Kronen, Some, a Phalanx of Horsemen 

Lynn Melnick, Obviously, Foul Play 

Rachel Zucker, Four Poems 


William Torrey, The Fallen Cosmonaut 

Naiyer Masud, The Aster translated by Jane A. Shum and Muhammad Umar Memon 

Matt Wycoff, The River 

David James Poissant, Last of the Great Land Mammals 

Eliezra Schaffzin, The Godliness of Debbie Toledano 

John Oliver Hodges, How I Supported My Habit of Collecting Scabs 

Melina Kamerić, The Secret Life of Pensioners translated by Jennifer H. Zoble 


Aubrey Stallard, Photographs 


Maya C. Popa and Jen Levitt, An Interview with Will Schutt 

Jen Levitt and Adam Dalva, An Interview with Jim Shepard

Issue 30
Issue 30


Keith Leonard, A Brief History of Sovereignty

Pierre Peuchmaurd, Two Poems translated by E. C. Belli 

Marc Paltrineri, Four Poems

Michael Martin Shea, Saturday

Shane Book, Two Poems

Ron Winkler, Two Poems translated by Jake D. Schneider

Sarah Jean Grimm, I Would Have Told Calypso Something Like,

Melissa Stein, Two Poems

Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi, the coat

Tone Skrjanec, finnish ride translated by Ana Pepelnik and Matthew Rohrer

Ken L. Walker, For Size or Good Measure

Jerrold Yam, Hotel

Jean-Claude Renard, from “The Space of the Spoken Word” translated by Hélène Cardona

Matthew Moore, Angiogram

Jason Nemec, The New Ruin

Sho Sugita, Bamboo Shoots

Susan H. Maurer, Two Poems

Tomaž Šalamun, Shall We Go? translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the author

Christopher Phelps, Cledonomancy

Marc Vincenz, Snakebite

Colin Winnette, After Christmas

Lila Zemborain, september 20, 2001 translated by Daniel Coudriet and Mariela Méndez

Shane McCrae, The Body, or Muff Bag

Jennifer Luebbers, Barn Elegy, 2012 Poetry Award Winner, selected by Marie Howe

ko ko thett, lady’s fingers

Cate Lycurgus, The Wanting

Paul Muldoon, Elephant Anthem (Lyrics)

Vincent Guerra, Champs

Caroline Knox, An excerpt from “Subjects”


Laura Adamczyk, Here Comes Your Man

Elizabeth Tingue, XX, 2012 Fiction Award Winner, selected by Darin Strauss

Eric Rosenblum, Chump Change

Dan Mancilla, Trajectory, 2012 Flash Award winner, selected by Jim Shepard

Amy Denham, Expiration Date


Juliacks, Illustrations


Mary Block, An Interview with Sharon Olds

Issue 29
Issue 29


L. S. Klatt, The Swimmer, No. 70

Lauren Hilger, Victorian Mummy

Jim Daniels, Career with the City

Nance Van Winckel, Taking Sense of My Leaves

Corey Van Landingham, And Badly, Too

Claudia Burbank, We Come Back as Ourselves Only Smaller

Dolores Castro, Pale Skin translated by Toshiya Kamei

Ulrike Almut Sandig, Three Poems translated by Bradley Schmidt

Jesse Damiani, Maps with Scribbled Lines

Benjamin Sutton, from “Eternity, Ohio”

Kyle Waugh, Variations on the Apennines

Christopher Cheney, Two Poems

Seth Abramson, Two Poems   

Ben Mirov, Like a Waif Beneath the Clock Tower in the Middle of the Night

Alexander Ulanov, from Waves and Ladders: Poems and Prose translated by Alex Cigale

Angie Macri, Macadam

John Fenlon Hogan, The Ventriloquist Speaks for Himself

Andrew Wessels, ::a screaming comes across::

Michael Rutherglen, Resolution

Anne Marie Rooney, Erotic in which I am the point

Zach Savich, Two Poems

Judith Zander, Three Poems translated by Bradley Schmidt


Luke Andrew Geddes, The Party Don’t Stop 

Neil Serven, Return Policy

A. L. Snijders, Three Short Stories translated by Lydia Davis

Barry Yourgrau, Tourist

Adam Lefton, Strays

Justin Katko & Jow Walton, from “TRIGGER WARNING”

Derek Nikitas, Voicemail

R. Dale Smith, The Whispering Man

Kirby Wright, Square Dancing at the Asylum, Worcester, Mass., 1949

Rupprecht Mayer, In Praise of Restriction translated by Kenneth Kronenberg

Justus Caudell, Half-Breed


Tristan Palmer, Drawings


Mary Block, An Interview with Edwidge Danticat

Issue 28
Issue 28


Amina Saïd, I Was Born on the Shore 

Jay Deshpande, Two Poems

Kerri Webster, Five Poems

Rachel Inez Lane, To Whoever Wrote: MEEsha! MY dick n’ YO Mouf! 

Bryan Emory-Johnson, Aren’t I the Real Becky? 

Malachi Black, Vigils 

Marosa di Giorgio, from “The Wild Papers” 

Steve Barbaro, A Girl from Cannon Beach 

Ann Hostetler, Portrait of the Artist 

Alec Hershman, Two Poems

José María Hinojosa, Pomegranates 

Kelly Swartz, Three Poems

Avery Slater, Paphos, Troy, Carthage 

John James, Against Dominion 

Dan Gutstein, Vacancy Blvd.

Joseph P. Wood, Clothes Unmake the Master 

Amy Eisner, Godawful 

Sue Sinclair, Okanagan Valley 

Dan Kaplan, +[Not the first to arrive here by a long shot,] 

Don Pomerantz, The Tree is a Journey 

Anthony Madrid, Two Poems

Christopher Tozier, Two Poems

Iztok Osojnik, A Neolithic One 

Jazzy Danziger, Found 

Jacques J. Rancourt, Icon 

Matt Morton, Still Life of Hummingbird

Niamh MacAlister, Two Poems

Adam Day, Kids 

David Dodd Lee, Red Little Folk Painting 

Anja König, First It’s Just a Couple of Bricks 

Genevieve Burger-Weiser, Sense of Chrome and Abandon 

Tytti Heikkinen, Shadows from Astronauts 

Christopher DeWeese, Two Poems

John Hart, Like an Unsent Letter 

Fernando Vargas, Two Poems

Kimberly Grey, Hunger Sentences 


Emily Howorth, The Vivarium Monarchs 

Miranda Field, Energy Regime 

Chris Guthrie, Anyways 

Amilcar Bettega, Self-Portrait 

Bryant Musgrove, Drought 

Yona Silverman, Humanism 

Randolph Thomas, The Smoke Table 

Tessa Mellas, Landscapes in White 


Robby Herbst, The Tree Drawings

Issue 27
Issue 27


Patrick Culliton, from My Book Report on the Afterlife

Steven D. Schroeder, Epilogue for Monsters 

M.R.B. Chelko, The Porch 

Miłosz Biedrzycki, Perhaps 

Timothy Donnelly, Lycopodium Obscurum 

Allison Power, Middlemarch 

Stephen Knauth, July 

Stephen Knauth, Visiting My Father 

Kevin Higgins, Tidings 

Benjamin S. Grossberg, The Space Traveler and Boston 

Naomi Foyle, The Second Reserve Goalkeeper on the USA Women’s Football Team goes AWOL in Shanghai 

Cate Peebles, Goodnight 

Alvin Pang, Song (for P) 

Alvin Pang, The Future of Nostalgia 

Sarah Hymas, The Sound of Melanin 

Sandeep Parmar, The Saltonstall Family 

Adam Durbin, Volte-Face 

Jeff Baker, Jacksonville 

David Starkey, Every Thing Good is on the Highway 

D. A. Powell, Chicken 

James Cihlar, Nora Prentiss 

Nadxieli Nieto Hall, Do Not Erect Any Buildings 

Julia Guez, Self-Portrait as New Moon  

Elizabeth Willis, Triptik 

Paul Legault, Saturday Night 

Paul Legault, Free Twenty Dollar Bill 

John Randolph Carter, Unicycle 

Gracie Leavitt, Rough for 

Geoffrey Babbitt, Ad Matutinas de Sancto Spiritu, from a French Book of Hours, ca. 1500 

Nate Pritts, A Weirder Tomorrow 

Deborah Landau, Two Poems

José Araguz, Wild Flight 

Ashur Etwebi, A Hymn from the Seventh Century B.C. 

Uche Umezurike, The Language of Mortars 

Andrew Sage, Saltaire 

David Kirby, A Fall from a Great Height 

David Kirby, Horrible Things May Be True 

Sinan Antoon, Phosphorus 

Saadi Youssef, Still Life 

Albert Abonado, Brother Octopus

Karen Rigby, In the lizard-dark, no fire in the orchard 

Adam Fitzgerald, Phattafacia Stupenda 

Firas Sulaiman, A Man in the Depths of Night 


Stephanie Austin, And So On, When Tripled

Christopher Kloeble, In the Eye

Adam Wilson, We Close Our Eyes 

Maurice Kilwein Guevara, Mandala in Riobamba 

Franz Knupfer, Broken Homes 

Andrea Hirata, Dry Season 

Eric Barnes, Powdered Milk 


Christopher Russell, Drawings