Writers Block: Selfie - Yusef Qualls-El

I am the revealer of truth
And healer of youthful minds
Spiller of fruitful lines
A spirit of something divine
Not just religious, dig it,
This is something more
Feel it down in your soul
It gets deep in your core
Bold & blatant statements
Shaping up taking form
In a place where there’s no hating
There are poetic pages born
Trying to find a means of escape
But there’s a horn
That’s in the background blazing
Saying “look world, here he comes”
I am the author, like the architect
Of people speaking tongues
I am a poet, so I write
Until me & those pages are one
Symbiotic, co-existing
On one breath from one lung
Co-dependent through life
Until death brings its guns
I’ll let my pen lead & defend me
From all ills at once
And let my pages be my shield
Pen & pad in the front
While my words are my fists
And each phrase is a punch
In a battle for my life,
They are never giving up
Clever witty stuff
Or irrelevant junk
As my heart beats
Each word eternally’ll pump!

by Yusef Qualls-El