Drunken Thoughts on the Launch Party


Julie, who is my boss, told me that she would by me a beer if I posted this for her, because her mom wanted to go to a happy hour and was giving her the evil eye. So, while Julie is out getting tight with her mom, I’m here to share Julie’s account of last week’s Washington Square launch party with the world. She wrote it, and I added a couple of things that I thought would be appropriate. Click below if you think you can handle it.





A big thank you to everyone who attended last Saturday’s launch party for Issue 28. It was a swell time. Inordinate amounts of cheese were ingested, as were many bottles of the illustrious Charles Shaw, special vintage 2011.  We sang, we danced, we lived. Poets and fiction writers came together, like two warring countries momentarily united by a common enemy, which was, in this instance, the rest of the world. Publicity Editor Amy Meng charmed off many pairs of pants, including my own. That’s only sort of a joke. I was wearing a skirt, guys.

Bryant Musgrove and Kimberly Grey, two contributors from the latest issue and our two featured readers for the night, couldn’t have been better or more intensely erotic, especially Kimberly, whose poems had lots of sexy words in them, like sex, and sexy.

There was even ending night drama, when we all got kicked out of the brownstone known as the Lil-Vern House of the Word (spoken, written, and otherwise), and so we tumbled down 6th Avenue until we reached Treehouse, our bar in the sky, our home away from home, where Amy Meng (Publicity Editor, as previously mentioned. Also, house mascot, and beloved by all) proceeded to charm the pants off (again) the entire bar. With but(t) one flutter of Amy’s lashes, everyone leapt from their stools in unison and gently slid their pants to their ankles. We all applauded her by buying many drinks.

In all seriousness, the writers were great, the reading was great, and a night to remember was had by all. And guess what?  The most awesome thing about The Great Launch of Issue 28 is that OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS it will happen again, next semester, when we launch Issue 29. Will you be there? Will your work be in our issue? Will you stand at the podium in the sacred reader-spot and break our hearts and eyes with your talent and beauty?

THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. Submit to us. Better yet, buy Issue 28, effectively donating some money to ONSQU in the process, so that we can drink more, and thereby create more brilliance/parties, and then submit to us. Honestly your chances of getting published will increase (not because we are nepotistic, selfish bastards, but because you’re always supposed to read journals before you submit to them).  In the meantime, check out these pictures from the launch party and feel sad about the fact that you stayed in and ate leftover mac and cheese straight from the Tupperware just because it was raining.

Oh wait, there are no pictures. We forgot to do that. Next time there will be though! We promise.

Upcoming ONSQU madness that you will not want to miss: On October 30th, we’ll be hosting a book fair at the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House, where we will be selling used and new books and raffling more swell prizes. 

-- October 8, 2011

Washington Square