NYU MFA Publication Round-Up

As second semester draws to a close, we'd like to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow NYU MFA'ers—including many of the Editors on our staff! Over the past year, our community has published fiction, personal essays, journalism, and poetry in a variety of online and print venues (with several publications forthcoming as well). If you're looking to discover something—or someone—new to read, check out some of our writing below. 

Photo credit: Nadra Mabrouk

Photo credit: Nadra Mabrouk

Caitlin Barasch
"Speak Easy" in Pinball
"Riding Toward Danger" in Catapult

Kathryn Bockino
"Where Not to Have a Miscarriage" in Barely South Review

Hunter Braithwaite
"Drain the Swamp," "Drawn and Quartered," and "Churning the Days" in Guernica
"The Frays of Life: On Julián Herbert's Tomb Song" in Bomb

Nadine Browne
"Growing Up Dadless" in Feminartsy

Sonia Feigelson
"Lyrical Realism" forthcoming in Hobart
"Easy Living" forthcoming in Passages North
"Like My Tattoo Says" in Puerto Del Sol

Hannah Gilham
"Bobby" in 45th Parallel

Tim Glencross
Days of the Dead, available in paperback May 17th, 2018 (Hodder & Stoughton)

Elaine Hsieh Chou   
"Careless" forthcoming in Cease, Cows
"A Woman Without Origin" forthcoming in The Normal School
"The Little Miss Suzy Wong Sonnets Or, Chink Bitches Don't Have Feelings" in Rigorous 

Photo credit: Nadra Mabrouk

Photo credit: Nadra Mabrouk

Raven Leilani
"Iscariot and Other Poems," Winner of Narrative’s Ninth Annual Poetry Contest
"Money Shot," in Bat City Review (Short Prose Contest 2017 Winner)
Three Flashes in New Delta Review (Matt Clark Prize for Short Fiction)

John Liles
Following the dog down, Winner of the Poetry Chapbook Prize (Omnidawn Publishing)

Maria Lioutaia
"Potatoes" forthcoming in Conjunctions
"Lepidomancy" in The Masters Review (2nd place in the Fall Fiction Contest)

Silvina López Medin
Selected Poems from 62 brazadas (2015) and Esa sal en la lengua para decir manglar (2014) in Jámpster Magazine

Nadra Mabrouk
"Father as Adolescent, Smoking" in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

Rachel Mannheimer
"February" and "Site Visits" in Narrative Magazine

Maddie Mori
“What Do You Think About When You’re Lonely?” forthcoming in Neck

Elizabeth Nicholas
"Black Lives Matter Cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Is Only Getting Started" and
"These Psychiatrists Want to Test the President's Mental Health" in Vice
"Parisians Are Taking Less of a Laissez-Faire Approach to Wellness" in Vogue

Silvia Park
"shift+delete" forthcoming in Sonora Review (Winner of the 2018 Fiction Prize)

Angela Qian
"Do You Think You'll Come Home?" in Catapult

Katie Rejsek
"For Nickel" in Hooligan Magazine

Jess Rizkallah
the magic my body becomesWinner of the 2017 Etel Adnan Poetry Prize (University of Arkansas Press) and shortlisted for The Believer Poetry Award

TJ Smith
"Hospice Memory Fugue" in Cheat River Review
"Erasure of a Statement from Harvey Weinstein" in The Southampton Review
Three Poems in Bridge Eight

Alisson Wood
Being Lolita, a memoir excerpt, forthcoming in Epiphany (Winner of the Breakout 8 Writers Prize)

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