NYU MFA Publication Round-up

As the academic year nears its end, we'd like to celebrate the accomplishments of NYU’s MFA students. Our community—including many Washington Square Review editors—has published fiction, poetry, essays, and journalism in a variety of publications, with more to come. If you're looking for something new to read, check out some of our work below.

Gbenga Adesina
Ode to What I Do Not Know” in Narrative
Surrender” in Palette Poetry (2019 Palette Spotlight Poetry Award
“Hiding Place” named a notable work, The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2018

Caitlin Barasch
“Itch” forthcoming in ellipsis…literature & art
“Deviations” forthcoming in Jellyfish Review

Sonja Hristina Bjelić
Two poems in collaboration with Jiaoyang Li in 3:AM Magazine
In the Beginning (an echo)” in collaboration with Jiaoyang Li in DATABLEED
Love Poem” in Leveler
Excerpt from “After Celan” in No, Dear
Excerpt from “Anna” in NECK
Arriving” in Gauss PDF

Hunter Braithwaite
The Accidental Messiah: On Sam Lipsyte’s Hark ” in BOMB
Ode to the Motel Pool” in Paris Review Daily

Elliott Sky Case
"Chiron's Clouded Mirror" forthcoming as part of Ghost City Press' 2019 Summer Micro-Chap Series
"i saw your first love while at work & had to pretend not to recognize her from instagram" in Tenderness Lit
Two poems in Hobart

Elaine Chou
“Carrot Legs” forthcoming in Guernica

Leonora Desar
My Fake Brother” in Sonora Review Online (named a finalist in Crazyhorse’s Crazyshorts! competition and Gigantic Sequins’ flash fiction contest)
A naked woman shows up at the door” in Black Warrior Review Online
“Daughter” in River Styx (third place, 2018 River Stys Microfiction Contest)
“Hunger” in Quarter After Eight (finalist/runner-up in the 2018 Robert J. DeMott Short Prose Contest)
My Father’s Girlfriend” forthcoming in Best Small Fictions 2019 and anthologized in Best Microfiction 2019 (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)
Fire, Ocean” anthologized in Best Microfiction 2019 (third-place winner of the TSS Publishing Flash 400 Competition)
“In this fantasy I went to live with my therapist—” in Mid-American Review (finalist in the 2018 Fineline Competition)
Catherine” in Wigleaf

Mary Elizabeth Dubois
“Aural Pariahs” forthcoming in Chicago Review

Samantha Facciolo
I teach kids who were separated from their parents. Here's how they cope.” in Marie Claire
Teachers now lead mass shooting drills, but it's not just up to educators to save lives” in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sonia Feigelson
Jodi, After Mom Died” in collaboration with Jackson Frons in Pithead Chapel
“Easy Living” in Passages North
“Fetish for Complicity” anthologized in Strange Attractors (UMass Press, 2019)
“Cranberry” in No Tokens

Bernard Ferguson
Three poems in The Adroit Journal
Two poems in Up North Lit
the #2 bus riding along franklin avenue in minneapolis is filled with black people” in Winter Tangerine
up the creek of my nostril, with an uncoiling thing” in Paris Review

Michele Filgate
Edited anthology What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About (Simon & Schuster, 2019)

April Freely
Three poems in American Poetry Review
First There’s Play, Then Trouble” in the CUE Art Foundation, Cal Siegel Catalogue

Asiya Gaildon
“Minnesota, Minnesota” forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue (2018 Cosmonauts Avenue Fiction Prize)
“Fowsia” forthcoming in Transition Magazine

Annabel Graham
An interview with T Kira Madden” and “An interview with Chelsea Hodson” in Bookforum
An interview with renowned French artist JR” in Juxtapoz
The Underside of Glamour: An Interview With Kia LaBeija” in Autre
How to Make Valentine’s Day in NYC a Cultural Affair” in GARAGE

Kyle Dillon Hertz
Backpackers” in Cosmonauts Avenue

Hannah Hirsh
Self-Anthem” in Narrative

Omotara James
Half Girl, Then Elegy ” in Academy of American Poets
In Lieu of Ode” in Lambda Literary Spotlight
What We Leave Undone” in Wildness
Self Portrait as a Queer Block Party” in No Tokens
Promise” in Paris Review

Raven Leilani
“Monona” in McSweeney’s
Airplane Mode” in SmokeLong Quarterly
And There Was Light” in Wildness
“The Blue Hour” in Conjunctions
Dead Weight” in New England Review
The Void Witch” in Florida Review
Persimmon” in The Forge
How to Smile” in Pigeon Pages

Maria Lioutaia
Preservation” in Tin House

Nadra Mabrouk
Brother as Younger Self, Humming” in POETRY

Silvina López Medin
Selected poems from That Salt on the Tongue to Say Mangrove (2014), translated from the Spanish by Jasmine V. Bailey, in In Translation/The Brooklyn Rail and Two Lines. Bailey's translation of poems from that book was named a finalist in the Gulf Coast Translation Prize

Silvia Park
Poor Unfortunate Fools” in the Asian American Writers’ Workshop Transpacific Literary Project
Changeling” in Joyland
“More Real Than Him” forthcoming on Tor.com

William Pepicelli
“The Hotel Painting” in VisualMag

Lucy Powell
“Counting Days” named a finalist in Glimmer Train’s March/April 2018 Very Short Fiction Contest

Angela F. Qian
Wild Oranges” in The Common
Two poems in Cosmonauts Avenue
My Uncle the Magician” in Bodega Magazine
Sōseki” in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

James Kelly Quigley
Sonnet For Malformed Heart” in Waccamaw
Two poems in Whimperbang

Natasha Rao
For My Brother” in The Offing
Poem for a Blue Page” in Rattle

Kat Rejsek
I walk through the house with hearts erupting from my head” in 叵CLIP
“I Saw Separation” forthcoming in No, Dear

Sahar Romani
With Friends” in the Poetry Society of America
Two poems anthologized in Halal If You Hear Me (Haymarket, 2019)

Rebecca Saltzman
The Donner Party on the Q Train,” “Spooky Climate Change Stories” and You’re Invited To Our Demonic Fetus’s Gender Reveal Party” in The New Yorker
I Believe Every Child Is Precious, Except For The Ones We’re Locking Up In Cages,” “The Zombified Corpse Of Vlad The Impaler Will No Longer Be Appearing At Our Literary Festival,” “FAQ: This MFA Workshop Has Been Replaced With A Glove Full Of Bullet Ants,” “This Is Embarrassing, But It Turns Out Our Fake Jewish Bagel Chain Was Funded By Nazis” and “I Still Believe Every Child Is Precious. Also It Will Take Us Years To Find The Kids We Stole At The Border” in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

J.J. Starr
Two poems in The 2 River Review
“Elegy for Reconciliation” in The Journal
Four poems forthcoming online and two poems forthcoming in print in The Common

Janelle Tan
“Clack” forthcoming in The Boiler
“When Walking, I Keep My Eyes Straight Ahead” forthcoming in Winter Tangerine
Litany for the Living”, “not just because it’s almost cuffing season” in Up the Staircase Quarterly

Alanna Weissman
“Parts” forthcoming in Barely South Review
Winnowing” in Crack the Spine
Auspices” in Microfiction Monday Magazine
Love Terrible Paintings? You’re Not Alone,” “NYC’s Patron Saint of Pigeons” and “The She-Squatchers Prove Women Can Hunt for Bigfoot Too” in OK Whatever

JinJin Xu
“My father cuts my tongue to say... (six estranged sonnets)” forthcoming in in Women's Studies Quarterly: Asian Diasporas Issue
“Memories Silenced, Unspool: Anocha Suwichakornpong's By the Time it Gets Dark” in The Millennium Film Journal: Deep Cuts

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