Two Poems by Christine Chia

luminous grape


Imagine your faith is

a story,

a story in which a man who was God

died for a people

who never loved Him


Faith suspends

disbelief like gravity suspends

the moon from the earth

like a luminous grape

from a dying fox


who died the death

of a butterfly

dreaming of life as a human

who killed his brother in a story




I once knew a man who

clutched the black telephone wire


like an umbilical cord,

carrying it everywhere,


especially the bathroom

where walls bounced back


his voice to him

like his mother’s womb.


His mother

didn’t listen to him;


all his life, he looked

for a woman


who had ears



her silence



be his.


CHRISTINE CHIA is the author of The Law of Second Marriages (Math Paper Press, 2011, 2014) and Separation: a history (Ethos Books, 2014). She is the co-editor of the groundbreaking poetry anthology A Luxury We Cannot Afford (Math Paper Press, 2014) and a featured writer for the Singapore Literature Festival in New York at the 92nd Street Y.