Issue 27: Spring 2011


Stephanie Austin, And So On, When Tripled

Christopher Kloeble, In the Eye

Adam Wilson, We Close Our Eyes 

Maurice Kilwein Guevara, Mandala in Riobamba 

Franz Knupfer, Broken Homes 

Andrea Hirata, Dry Season 

Eric Barnes, Powdered Milk 


Christopher Russell, Drawings 


Patrick Culliton, from My Book Report on the Afterlife

Steven D. Schroeder, Epilogue for Monsters 

M.R.B. Chelko, The Porch 

Miłosz Biedrzycki, Perhaps 

Timothy Donnelly, Lycopodium Obscurum 

Allison Power, Middlemarch 

Stephen Knauth, July 

Stephen Knauth, Visiting My Father 

Kevin Higgins, Tidings 

Benjamin S. Grossberg, The Space Traveler and Boston 

Naomi Foyle, The Second Reserve Goalkeeper on the USA
Women’s Football Team goes AWOL in Shanghai 

Cate Peebles, Goodnight 

Alvin Pang, Song (for P) 

Alvin Pang, The Future of Nostalgia 

Sarah Hymas, The Sound of Melanin 

Sandeep Parmar, The Saltonstall Family 

Adam Durbin, Volte-Face 

Jeff Baker, Jacksonville 

David Starkey, Every Thing Good is on the Highway 

D. A. Powell, Chicken 

James Cihlar, Nora Prentiss 

Nadxieli Nieto Hall, Do Not Erect Any Buildings 

Julia Guez, Self-Portrait as New Moon  

Elizabeth Willis, Triptik 

Paul Legault, Saturday Night 

Paul Legault, Free Twenty Dollar Bill 

John Randolph Carter, Unicycle 

Gracie Leavitt, Rough for 

Geoffrey Babbitt, Ad Matutinas de Sancto Spiritu,
from a French Book of Hours, ca. 1500 

Nate Pritts, A Weirder Tomorrow 

Deborah Landau, Two Poems

José Araguz, Wild Flight 

Ashur Etwebi, A Hymn from the Seventh Century B.C. 

Uche Umezurike, The Language of Mortars 

Andrew Sage, Saltaire 

David Kirby, A Fall from a Great Height 

David Kirby, Horrible Things May Be True 

Sinan Antoon, Phosphorus 

Saadi Youssef, Still Life 

Albert Abonado, Brother Octopus

Karen Rigby, In the lizard-dark, no fire in the orchard 

Adam Fitzgerald, Phattafacia Stupenda 

Firas Sulaiman, A Man in the Depths of Night