Issue 28: Fall 2011


Emily Howorth, The Vivarium Monarchs 

Miranda Field, Energy Regime 

Chris Guthrie, Anyways 

Amilcar Bettega, Self-Portrait 

Bryant Musgrove, Drought 

Yona Silverman, Humanism 

Randolph Thomas, The Smoke Table 

Tessa Mellas, Landscapes in White 


Robby Herbst, The Tree Drawings


Amina Saïd, I Was Born on the Shore 

Jay Deshpande, Two Poems

Kerri Webster, Five Poems

Rachel Inez Lane, To Whoever Wrote: MEEsha! MY dick n’ YO Mouf! 

Bryan Emory-Johnson, Aren’t I the Real Becky? 

Malachi Black, Vigils 

Marosa di Giorgio, from “The Wild Papers” 

Steve Barbaro, A Girl from Cannon Beach 

Ann Hostetler, Portrait of the Artist 

Alec Hershman, Two Poems

José María Hinojosa, Pomegranates 

Kelly Swartz, Three Poems

Avery Slater, Paphos, Troy, Carthage 

John James, Against Dominion 

Dan Gutstein, Vacancy Blvd.

Joseph P. Wood, Clothes Unmake the Master 

Amy Eisner, Godawful 

Sue Sinclair, Okanagan Valley 

Dan Kaplan, +[Not the first to arrive here by a long shot,] 

Don Pomerantz, The Tree is a Journey 

Anthony Madrid, Two Poems

Christopher Tozier, Two Poems

Iztok Osojnik, A Neolithic One 

Jazzy Danziger, Found 

Jacques J. Rancourt, Icon 

Matt Morton, Still Life of Hummingbird

Niamh MacAlister, Two Poems

Adam Day, Kids 

David Dodd Lee, Red Little Folk Painting 

Anja König, First It’s Just a Couple of Bricks 

Genevieve Burger-Weiser, Sense of Chrome and Abandon 

Tytti Heikkinen, Shadows from Astronauts 

Christopher DeWeese, Two Poems

John Hart, Like an Unsent Letter 

Fernando Vargas, Two Poems

Kimberly Grey, Hunger Sentences