Issue 29: SPring 2012


Luke Andrew Geddes, The Party Don’t Stop 

Neil Serven, Return Policy

A. L. Snijders, Three Short Stories translated by Lydia Davis

Barry Yourgrau, Tourist

Adam Lefton, Strays

Justin Katko & Jow Walton, from “TRIGGER WARNING”

Derek Nikitas, Voicemail

R. Dale Smith, The Whispering Man

Kirby Wright, Square Dancing at the Asylum, Worcester, Mass., 1949

Rupprecht Mayer, In Praise of Restriction translated by Kenneth Kronenberg

Justus Caudell, Half-Breed


Tristan Palmer, Drawings


Mary Block, An Interview with Edwidge Danticat


L. S. Klatt, The Swimmer, No. 70

Lauren Hilger, Victorian Mummy

Jim Daniels, Career with the City

Nance Van Winckel, Taking Sense of My Leaves

Corey Van Landingham, And Badly, Too

Claudia Burbank, We Come Back as Ourselves Only Smaller

Dolores Castro, Pale Skin translated by Toshiya Kamei

Ulrike Almut Sandig, Three Poems translated by Bradley Schmidt

Jesse Damiani, Maps with Scribbled Lines

Benjamin Sutton, from “Eternity, Ohio”

Kyle Waugh, Variations on the Apennines

Christopher Cheney, Two Poems

Seth Abramson, Two Poems   

Ben Mirov, Like a Waif Beneath the Clock Tower in the Middle of the Night

Alexander Ulanov, from Waves and Ladders: Poems and Prose translated by Alex Cigale

Angie Macri, Macadam

John Fenlon Hogan, The Ventriloquist Speaks for Himself

Andrew Wessels, ::a screaming comes across::

Michael Rutherglen, Resolution

Anne Marie Rooney, Erotic in which I am the point

Zach Savich, Two Poems

Judith Zander, Three Poems translated by Bradley Schmidt