Issue 30: Fall 2012


Laura Adamczyk, Here Comes Your Man

Elizabeth Tingue, XX, 2012 Fiction Award Winner,
selected by Darin Strauss

Eric Rosenblum, Chump Change

Dan Mancilla, Trajectory, 2012 Flash Award winner,
selected by Jim Shepard

Amy Denham, Expiration Date


Juliacks, Illustrations


Mary Block, An Interview with Sharon Olds


Keith Leonard, A Brief History of Sovereignty

Pierre Peuchmaurd, Two Poems translated by E. C. Belli 

Marc Paltrineri, Four Poems

Michael Martin Shea, Saturday

Shane Book, Two Poems

Ron Winkler, Two Poems translated by Jake D. Schneider

Sarah Jean Grimm, I Would Have Told Calypso Something Like,

Melissa Stein, Two Poems

Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi, the coat

Tone Skrjanec, finnish ride
translated by Ana Pepelnik and Matthew Rohrer

Ken L. Walker, For Size or Good Measure

Jerrold Yam, Hotel

Jean-Claude Renard, from “The Space of the Spoken Word”
translated by Hélène Cardona

Matthew Moore, Angiogram

Jason Nemec, The New Ruin

Sho Sugita, Bamboo Shoots

Susan H. Maurer, Two Poems

Tomaž Šalamun, Shall We Go?
translated by Michael Thomas Taren and the author

Christopher Phelps, Cledonomancy

Marc Vincenz, Snakebite

Colin Winnette, After Christmas

Lila Zemborain, september 20, 2001
translated by Daniel Coudriet and Mariela Méndez

Shane McCrae, The Body, or Muff Bag

Jennifer Luebbers, Barn Elegy, 2012 Poetry Award Winner, selected by Marie Howe

ko ko thett, lady’s fingers

Cate Lycurgus, The Wanting

Paul Muldoon, Elephant Anthem (Lyrics)

Vincent Guerra, Champs

Caroline Knox, An excerpt from “Subjects”