Issue 31: SPring 13


William Torrey, The Fallen Cosmonaut 

Naiyer Masud, The Aster
translated by Jane A. Shum and Muhammad Umar Memon 

Matt Wycoff, The River 

David James Poissant, Last of the Great Land Mammals 

Eliezra Schaffzin, The Godliness of Debbie Toledano 

John Oliver Hodges, How I Supported My Habit of Collecting Scabs 

Melina Kamerić, The Secret Life of Pensioners
translated by Jennifer H. Zoble 


Aubrey Stallard, Photographs 


Maya C. Popa and Jen Levitt, An Interview with Will Schutt 

Jen Levitt and Adam Dalva, An Interview with Jim Shepard


Lenea Grace, Calgary, 1981 

Taylor Collier, The Abbreviated Mirror 

Eileen Myles, from Vilnius Declamatory 

Christopher Kondrich, Portion 

Mary Ruefle, Three Poems

CAConrad, Four Poems 

Joe Zendarski, [I come to] 

Cate Marvin, The Hamptons 

Ana Božičević, Two Poems 

Barbara Claire Freeman, Downtown 

Ghassan Zaqtan, Two Poems translated by Fady Joudah 

Melissa Broder, Two Poems 

Dorothea Lasky, The Bear 

Brent House, Pastoral 

Alice Bolin, Shirt 

Steve Kronen, Some, a Phalanx of Horsemen 

Lynn Melnick, Obviously, Foul Play 

Rachel Zucker, Four Poems