Issue 33: Spring 2014


Joe Meno, Animal Hospital 

Siamak Vossoughi, Bee on a String

Matthew Baker, The Instructions

Bryan Shawn Wang, The Outfielders

Paul Crenshaw, Choose Your Own

Jamie McPartland, The Hysterectomy Travels

Courtney Craggett, Día de Gracias


Dana Isokawa, An Interview with Yusef Komunyakaa

Cover Art by Catherine Lepp: “hands, mouth, and tongue”,
Medium: Tempera and chalk on Coloraid paper, 22" x 26", 2013


Andrea Cohen, Two Poems 

Dana Ward, from The American Greeting Card Company

Simone White, Preliminary Notes on Street Attacks

John Fry, Two Poems

Martha Collins, Instance

Shane McCrae, Forgiveness in America

Ed Pavlić, Summertime or Somewhere Just (South of) Above My Head

Giedrė Kazlauskaite, Two Poems translated by Ada Valaitis       

Marius Burokas, from I learned how to not be translated by Medeinė Tribinevičius

MRB Chelko, from G i r l

Leopoldo María Panero, La Alucinación De Una Mano . . . /
Hallucination of a Hand . . .translated by Arturo Mantecón

Willie Lin, Teleology

Ama Codjoe, The Radiator or Your Soft Fist at My Door

Ocean Vuong, Walking Alone

Mike Spry, Bourbon & Eventide

Carl Phillips, Two Poems

Maureen Thorson, A Change Will Do You Good

Brandi Nicole Martin, After Humping Comes Hurting

Aaron Apps, Dear Herculine “Replicating Bodies”

Chase Berggrun, Mute Ashes: Threnody for Adam

Ilzė Butkute, Lapkričių prieglauda / A Shelter for Novembers
translated by Jonas Zdanys