Issue 34: Fall 2014


Katrin Tschirgi, The Fisherman

Kate Nacy, God Is Everywhere, Even the Pool 

Suzanne Gardinier, Messenger 

Ian Denning, Ramadan 

Kate Velguth, Witness 

Emma Ignaszewski, Border Town Love Affair 

Jill Birdsall, Free Parking 

Wil Weitzel, The Gardens of Dar es Salaam 

Vincent Guerra, Chronics 

Michael Don, Back the Way We Came 

Writers Block

James D. Fuson, FROGS IN A DITCH 

David Armstrong Jones, What Could Have Been 

Jamie Laufenberg, Competent to Stand Trial 

Yusef Qualls-El, Selfie 

K. D. A. Daniel-Bey, Trayvon Martin 

Maurice Montrell Sanders, The Story of Us 

Edward Callens Haikuet & James D. Fuson, no. 4 

Poems from San Pedro Sula

Vanessa Salgado, Apocalypse 

Juan Carlos Zuniga, Prayer for Cookie 


Dana Isokawa & Allyson Paty, An Interview with Matthew Zapruder 

Kate Brody, An Interview with E. L. Doctorow 

Cover art by Christine Sajecki: We Travel Light 1 & 2,
Medium: encaustic and photocopy transfer on oak panel.
Original Photograph: Imke Lass


Carson Eva Donnelly, Two Poems

Catherine Wagner, July

Jung Jiyong, translated by Jack Jung, 유리창/정지용 / Glass Window

Yi Sang, translated by Jack Jung, 꽃나무/이상 / Flower Tree

Joe DeLuca, Timeshare

Kimiko Hahn, Two Poems

Staci R. Schoenfeld, The Patient Attempts to Explain PTSD with Time Travel Theory

Anselm Berrigan, Three Poems

Sapphire, Three Poems 

Mark Wagenaar, Interview with the Last Blacksmith in the County

G. C. Waldrep, from TESTAMENT 

Nabila Lovelace, Renisha 

Diane Wakoski, Mercurial 

Talin Tahajian, Agronomy 

W. M. Lobko, Elegy Because I Want to Believe 

Nezahualcyotl, translated by Forrest Gander, Untitled Song 

Sandra Santana, translated by Forrest Gander, Three Poems 

Kwame Dawes, Two Poems

Ann Ward, Two Poems 

Michael Metivier, Snow 

Terrell Jamal Terry, Astray Coach 

Leslie Marie Aguilar, The Hitching Post 

M. Montas, Untitled 

David McGimpsey, Three Poems 

Thurston Moore, Now Ain’t Never Happening 

Noah Eli Gordon, THIS