Issue 35: Spring 2015


Craig Bernardini, Sehnsucht

Meagan Cass, A Parent’s Guide to UltraSport Children

Nicholas Maistros, My Father’s Auburn

Chika Unigwe, from Things Remembered

Adam Schuitema, Light Years

Charles McLeod, Level Seven

Alex McElroy, In Memory of the Whitfield High School 109 Writing Center

Suzanne Morrison, What Was Lost

Ursula Villarreal- Moura, All the Dogs

Matthew Fogarty, Rituals of Prehistoric Cultures


Enuma Okoro, A Bunch of Peanuts


Michael Sarinsky & Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Elizabeth McCracken

Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Louise Glück


Cover art by Raisa Nosova


Juan Felipe Herrera, song out here

Elizabeth Lindsey, The Emergency 

Rogers Lisa Low, Two Poems

David Lehman, Two Poems

Judy Halebsky, Two Poems

Jane Hirshfield, Two Poems

Troy Jollimore, On Blindness

Roberto Montes, Two Poems

Jenni B. Baker, Two Poems

Jamie Samdahl, Fourth floor walk-up

Melanie Almeder, Two Poems

Antonina Palisano, On Horror

Thomas Centolella, Two Poems

Jennifer Tamayo, The Pain of You; The Pain of Me, The Ecstasy of You; The Ecstasy of Me

Wayne Koestenbaum, Trance Notebook #12

Sally Wen Mao, Two Poems

Noah Falck, Poem Excluding Shopping Carts

Eugenia Leigh, Family Medical History

Annemette Kure Andersen, Three Poems translated by Thom Satterlee

Doug Paul Case, Leave

Kay Cosgrove & Lauren Hilger, The Emergency

Bianca Stone, Two Poems

Paula Mendoza, Three Poems

Graham Foust, Two Poems