Issue 39: Spring 2018



Nan Scott Hanway, Jack and Jackie

Mary Alice Stewart, Something Confused About Where It Belonged

Lygia Fagundes Telles, It’s Chilly in Here, Don’t You Think? Translated by Eric M. B. Becker

Dustin M. Hoffman, Scraps on Fire

Matthew Vollmer, Source Material

Andrew Mangan, Roman Candle

Fortunato Salazar, Game Fish

Ben Goldman, Cruise


Colin Dekeersgieter, Interview with Wayne Koestenbaum

Cover art by Madeleine Barnes.


Donika Kelly, Two Poems

Ladan Osman, Two Poems

Michael Dhyne, Two Poems

Anne Boyer, About the New Thinkers

Anaïs Duplan, Upon Entering the Waiting Room, I Am Hunger

Alex Greenberg, Aubade Ending in Disappointment

Saskia Hamilton, Avowal

Emily Rose Cole, Hospice

Leah Silvieus, Aubade with Septic Field

Debra Nystrom, Evening Before the Funeral

Arden Levine, Healer

Gabrielle Bates, Poetry Comics

Vincent Toro, “Give Me My Flowers While I Yet Live”

Javier Zamora, from The Book I Made with a Counselor My First Week of School

Jenna-Marie Warnecke, Grammar Mnemonics for When to Use “Lie” vs. “Lay”

Jeremy Michael Clark, Two Poems

Kaveh Akbar, Two Poems

Susanna Lang, Jazz in April

Ross Gay, Two Poems

Kamilah Aisha Moon, Hunt (1936– )

Zeina Hashem Beck, Two Poems

John Murillo, Contemporary American Poetry