Issue 43: Spring 2019

Fiction, Poetry, Translations, and Interviews


Sarah Jane Cody, What We Knew
Jamie Quatro, Skopas
Samantha Barron, Beauty Parlor
William Lychack, Brownie Versus Mouse
Becky Hagenston, Fillies
Ariana Harwicz, Feebleminded translated by Annie McDermott and Carolina Orloff
Lisa Bubert, Stone Baby
Zhao Song, Dad translated by Lin Yan and Feng You
Sydney Bradley, For Golde
Fabio Morábito, Anna Karenina translated by Curtis Bauer
Marilyn Chin, From a Poet’ Notebook: Late Birthday, All Night Brush Painting


Kukuwa Ashun, Interview with Elizabeth Acevedo
Charis Caputo, Interview with Morgan Parker

Cover art by Annette Davidek


Stacy Szymaszek, Two Poems
Eric Gamalinda, Selfie
Kristina Faust, O Riparian City
Kwame Dawes, News
Elena Guro, Excertpts from Baby Camels of the Sky translated by Matvei Yankelevich with Yelena Polowy
Aysar Ghassan, Gray Matter
Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, The Cabinet of Ontology
Daneen Wardrop, Two Poems
Paloma Yannakakis, Mental Armor
Rocío Ágreda Piérola, Two Poems translated by Jessica Sequeira
Lucy Duggan, I Drop In
Kirsten Kaschock, Circle of Fifths 16-18
Romana Iorga, The Snare
Jody Gladding, untitled
Qin Sanshu, Two Poems translated by Stephen Nashef
Hana Widerman, What My Mother Texts Me When I’m at School
Greg Allendorf, Cloisonné
Logan February, Talking to Mama About Boys
Malú Urriola, Four Poems from Swim translated by Anna Deeny Morales
Andrew Hemmert, Cadaver Theory
Brad Trumpfheller, Asphyxia
Diannely Antigua, Everything’s Been Said
Su Xian, Two Poems translated by Kate Costello
Josh Kalscheur, First Language on this Object
Raych Jackson, Jonah Was Trapped Before He Met the Fish
Afrizal Malna, Three Poems translated by Daniel Owen
Taylor Altman, On the Nature of Poisons
Luther Hughes, Two Poems
Mohamed Metwalli, That Is the Question translated by Gretchen McCullough and the author
Emily Luan, untitled
Michael Malan, Fender Bender
Ángel García, Disavowal of Country
Trevor Ketner, Memory of Summer Heat
Susan Bruce, Touched
Gili Haimovich, Rolling Through Givatayim translated by Dara Barnat
Erika Meitner, I would like to be the you in someone’s poem
E. Kristin Anderson, Hold Me Here, Halfway to Catatonic
Mitchell Glazier, I Left My Heart at Horsemeat Disco
Paulo Leminski, Four Poems translated by Elisa Wouk Almino
Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Notes from the Birth Year: On Breastfeeding
Michael Mlekoday, Weeding
Andrew Collard, Unpunctuated Days
Anthony DiPietro, Love Is a Temple Love the Higher Law
Jenna Le, How We Met
Pamela Sneed, There Is Me/ There Is My Mother
Angie Mazakis, The Woman Who Lives Inside My GPS Directs Her Thoughts Inward
Yang Sufei, Two Poems translated by Consuela
Malcolm Tariq, Two Poems
Elizabeth Onusko, Seed Head
Jill McDonough, Woman Scorned
Sun Yung Shin, Wheels of Misfortune
Patrick Kindig, on love: agape
Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, Lesionado