Issue 38: Fall 2016


George Michelsen Foy, Seven Stories

Sharon Mesmer, The Starry Dynamos

Margarita Mateo Palmer, Gelsomina in the Garden of the City
translated by Rebecca Hanssens-Reed

Nick Kocz, Pacto del Olvido 

Matthew Baker, Meanwhile

Tim MacGabhann, Better 

Mimi Kawahara, Twenty-Nine Questions for an Intelligent Designer 

Tara Deal, Study Abroad

Peter Bichsel, Old Age, Years, Companions of the Same Birth Year
translated by Lydia Davis

Charles Bock, Playing Is Better  

Jenessa Abrams, For After   

Yuri Herrera, The Obituarist translated by Lisa Dillman


Rachel Zucker and David Trinidad, A Conversation

Alisa Koyrakh, An Interview with Lorrie Moore




Cover art by Madeleine Barnes


Naomi Shihab Nye, Two Poems

Emily Brandt, Taking Up Space

Leslie Marie Aguilar, Joyland

Iman Mersal, Two Poems translated by Robin Moger

Thomas Dooley, Two Poems

Jonathan Jones, wake-up

Carmen Giménez Smith, Two Poems

Jay Deshpande, Three Poems

Jesse Nathan, Two Poems 

Ana Božičević, Santa Mania 

Gemma Gorga, [It requires the utmost attention] 
translated by Sharon Dolin

Jos Charles, from feeld 

Ellie Francis Douglass, I Took the Strand of Days and Made a Sparrow 

Ursula Andkjær Olsen, from Third-Millennium Heart
translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen

John Bonanni, Reproduction 

Toby Altman, Two Poems

Kerri French, Say the Eels Return 

Chelsea Dingman, Two Poems

Robin LaMer Rahija, An Iranian Rat Explains Blast Off 

Elizabeth O’Brien, Romp 

Sam Corfman, I, a made thing 

Sam Ross, Modern Medicine 

Safia Elhillo, triptych 

Flávio de Araújo, from Zangareio
translated by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

Jessica Jacobs, Post-op, still out of it, you said, I would

Lucia LoTempio, Sirens 

Sarah Bates, But Beetles