Issue 41: Spring 2018



Joshua Ferris, Extrapolation as an Art Form in the Lobby of the John Muir
Nicole Simonsen, Many Things Have Happened Since You Died
Maryse Meijer, The Lover
Kateryna Babkina, Richard the Chickenheart translated by Hanna Leliv
Edie Meidav, from Species of Female Devotion, or Future Love Paradise
Justin Herrmann, Dimetrodon
Tyler Sones, Delta Dawn


Susan Choi, Some Japanese Ghosts


Elizabeth Dubois, Interview with Deb Olin Unferth
Eleanor Wright, Interview with Monica Youn

Cover art by Alex Jovanovich.


Sally Wen Mao, Two Poems
Etel Adnan, while whales keep swimming north
Benjamin Mueller, Colossus, PA
Shamar Hill, God of Ruin
Benjamin Krusling, Fuck You, a Magazine of the Arts (Spring 2018)
Nathan Hoks, Self-Portrait on the Go
Arnaldo Calveyra, Three Poems, translated by Elizabeth Zuba
Veronica Kuhn, 3.75 Plants to the Dollar
Michael Juliani, My Father Says: Say that My Son Is a Bigger Man
Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Arrivals
Kerry James Evans, Asterisk
Mario Montalbetti, Two Poems translated by Clare Sullivan
Brenda Hillman, Triple Moments of Light & Industry
Ada Limón, Two Poems
Josh Myers, Every Angel Is Terrifying
Max McDonough, Bloodworms
Mercedes Roffé, Two Poems translated by Rebekah Smith
Robin Myers, Falls
Tracy May Fuad, Object Exercise
Asiya Wadud, book of VIII
Maureen Seaton, Two Poems
Pascale Petit, Ode to a Cardabelle
Elizabeth Scanlon, Third and Pine
Sammi Bryan, Insecure Attachment Anxiety
Cortney Lamar Charleston, The Ballad of Addy Walker: An African-American Girl Story
William Brewer, Twins
Susana Thénon, Three Poems translated by Rebekah Smith
James A. H. White, Like Straw, or Butter, or Gold
Esteban Rodríguez, First Slang
Jenny Xie, Local Scenes
Kayo Chingonyi, Epithalamium
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Synonyms for Cruelty
Kiki Petrosino, Two Poems