Issue 42: Fall 2018

Fiction, Poetry, Translations, and Interviews


Paige Lewis, NO
Kim Addonizio, Two Poems
Shane McCrae, Black Joe Arpaio
Montreux Rotholtz, Ruth
Anthony Blake, Outdoor Shower
Linda Rui Feng, In the Whaling Museum
Circe Maia, The Hidden Language translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval
Myronn Hardy, Fanon’s Banania 1953
Cynthia Cruz, Stammer
Michael Hurley, Spoon River Elvis
Katie Berta, Cosmopolitan
Marwa Helal, ars poetica
Irene Gruss, Three Poems translated by Ivan Ivanissevich
Jameson Fitzpatrick, Frantic Efforts to Avoid Abandonment, Real or Imagined
Virginia Konchan, Imagine What a Lifetime Could Do
Clayton Adam Clark, Shape-Shifter
Reina María Rodríguez, Two Poems translated by Kristin Dykstra and Nancy Gates Madsen
Jane Huffman, Sestina, Unfinished
George Abraham, maqam of moonlight, for the children of exile
Tafisha A. Edwards, I Tell My Therapist I’m Afraid I’ll Never Write Another Poem. She Assures Me That I Am Filled
Elena Anníbali, from La casa de la niebla [The House of Fog] translated by Jessica Sequeira
Kathleen Graber, Two Poems
Ellen Bass, Airport Hotel
Mia Kang, Didactic of a Column with Helical Frieze
Jim Whiteside, Inventory
Greg Nissan, from The City Is Lush With / Obstructed Views
Blanca Varela, Three Poems translated by Eileen O’Connor
Andrew Seguin, Scatter Hoarding
Brianna Noll, Homophonous
Anna Journey, Naked Barbie Tableau
Gala Mukomolova, Lesbian Poem
Danniel Schoonebeek, excerpt from Modern Life Is War
Sergio Chejfec, Map translated by Elizabeth Polli
Evan Gill Smith, Beggar’s Bowl
Geoffrey Nutter, Two Poems
Colby Cotton, Elegy in Myrtle with Two Visions of the Afterlife
Diana Khoi Nguyen, Five Landscapes
Josh Lefkowitz, Goats in Morocco
Caylin Capra-Thomas, For My 20-Year-Old Sister On My 30th Birthday
Ewa Chrusciel
Iris Cushing, First Kiss: Anamnesis
David St. John and Matthew Zapruder, I Work for the Death Mask
Maggie Smith, Two Poems