Issue 32: Fall 2013


Craig Bernardini, Burning Child 

Jen Fawkes, By the Numbers 

Tanner Hadfield, The Pool House 

N. Michelle AuBuchon, Party Girls 

Wendy Oleson, Bodies of Water 

Saeed A. Naqvi Syed, The Puppet Master 

Philip Jason, Strong Forces 

Sa’adat Hasan Manto, Babu Gopinath
translated by Muhammad Umar Memon 

Uday Prakash, The “Mangosil” Virus and an Ant
translated by Jason Grunebaum 

Antonio Tabucchi, Two Stories translated by Tim Parks 

Damien Miles-Paulson, Stories from a Broken Pact 


Kyle Fewell, Various Illustrations


Jen Levitt, Maya C. Popa, and Dana Isokawa, An Interview with Catherine Barnett 


Major Jackson, Two Poems

Meena Alexander, Atmospheric Embroidery 

Farrah Field, Three Poems 

Alexis Pope, A Brief Sunset When the Sky is Large 

Amy Catanzano, “SCIENCE with a capital SCYTHE” 

Corina Copp, TYPE A GALL 

Konstantinos Sampanis, Two Poems
translated by Peter Constantine 

Tarfia Faizullah, Three Poems 

Joyelle McSweeney, FIDELITY 

Jason Labbe, Two Poems 

Jill Osier, A s i a 

Ana Martins Marques, O inquilo / The Tenant
translated by Julia Sanches

Rebecca Morgan Frank, Jesus & Tomatoes 

Heather Christle, Two Poems 

Anne Carson, 108 (flotage)