Issue 36: Fall 2015


Blair Hurley, The Stories You Tell

Jason Manganaro, Yacker and Jennabel

Melissa R. Sipin, The First Breath

Amy Kurzweil, Quantum Theory and the Entanglement of Oolong

Anne Valente, If You Let Me

Jacob Appel, The Prophet of Heathridge Hills 

Gloria Huang, The Cage

Justin Bendell, Fire Complex

Neil Serven, Wonderland 



Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Nick Flynn 


Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Jericho Brown 

Michael Sarinsky, An Interview with Jenny Offill 

Elisa Gonzalez, An Interview with Henri Cole 


Cover art by Nadia Huggins


Laura Marris, Jeopardy!

Rob MacDonald, In Situ

Vanesa Pérez Sauquillo, The Balance, translated by Carina del Valle Schorske

Shevaun Brannigan, What if I Don't Even Like You?

Michelle Chan Brown, Real Estate

Ariel Francisco, Two Poems 

Mariama Lockington, Two Poems 

C. Dylan Bassett, Genesis

Julia Mounsey, Three Poems

Holly Mitchell, Two Poems

Mel Burkeet, Two Poems

William Kelley Woolfitt, Manzanar Haibun (i) 

Natalie Eilbert, Liquid Waste: Two Poems 

Lauro Vazquez, Interventions

Emily O'Neill, Two Poems

Sophie Klahr, Summer Job, June

Sappho, Fragment 31, translated by Sean Lyon, 

Morgan Parker, Two Poems 

Robert Schultz, Two Poems

Christine Chia, Two Poems 

Jo Going, Legacy

Sam Sax, Two Poems 

Victoria Lynne McCoy, Two Poems

Ron Padgett, Three Girls

Michael Derrick Hudson, Climax the Clown Goes to See His Therapist

Nina Puro, High Intensity Interval Training 

Caroline Crew, Two Poems